Museum Hotel Cincinnati: A Review

March 19, 2018

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(Photo taken from their website because I stupidly forgot to take pictures of anything other than the naked body parts…more on that below…) 

During my recent trip to Cincinnati, I made the expensive decision to stay in their renowned Museum Hotel.  The Museum Hotel boasts an eclectic and contemporary art museum on its first and second floors, while maintaining its higher floors for customers.  This is actually a small chain and the Museum Hotel has other locations in Louisville, Bentonville, Durham, Lexington, Oklahoma City and Nashville (and they say that Kansas City and Miami are coming soon!).

The museum is completely free to experience and they also have a restaurant and bar on the first floor so you’re able to buy a drink while perusing the art work. The restaurant inside this particular hotel in Cincinnati was the Metropole and, I must say, the food here was excellent.  I ordered room service to try what they had to offer and it was not disappointing at all and well-worth the price!

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(More pictures from the museum because I wasn’t kidding when I said I took no photos except for the naked body parts.) 

The museum itself is fascinating.  Both floors have a wide array of contemporary and thoughtful art.  It’s easy to find yourself staring at one piece for so long that time will completely escape you.  Take a seat and watch a small documentary or traverse the floors to look at interesting statements about politics, women’s rights, trafficking and more.  The creativity from the museum bleeds into the hotel and adds a funky, art deco feel to the atmosphere.

The hotel itself was lovely and had all of the amenities you would expect from a high-class place.  They also offered unique toiletries from a brand that I had never heard of, so that was a plus.  The art deco feel was mimicked in the bathroom which was full of body parts molded into the wall.

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No, I’m serious.  There were naked body parts in the wall.  This absolutely made my night.

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Trying to find them all was kind of fun, I must admit…

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But I was deeply disturbed that there was no mouth…

However, the hotel is on the pricier side.  At roughly $135- $229 per night (similar to the pricing of the Hilton in Cincinnati), I’m not sure that the hotel itself is worth the price for more than one night.  I would definitely recommend staying one night for the experience itself, but after that, moving on to a cheaper hotel is quite reasonable.  (Unless you’re looking for a funky, luxury experience…if so, then this place was created for you.)

Overall, I recommend it.  The facilities were fantastic, the museum was so much fun, the food was great and I was incredibly comfortable staying there – not to mention, the location is perfect for sight seeing and taking part in downtown activities.  I’m kind of eager to try out their other locations, too.

NOTE:  The cheaper price of $135 is all but gone now that Spring has come. As the months get warmer, the price of the hotel seems to be climbing as well.  As of March 2018, the average prices are now between $172-$229.

Check out their website here to learn more.   

What’s the coolest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?