Of All the Gnomes in Wrocław

February 27, 2018

There are endless websites that will give you the “10 Best Things to Do in Wrocław” or “20 Absolute MUSTS if You’re Traveling to Wrocław” – and for good reason.  This city is full of beautiful architecture, amazing museums and churches and great tours.  However, keeping true to the theme of microadventures (even abroad), I wanted to tell you about the activity that kept me most entertained during my visits to Wrocław.

Gnome hunting.

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You 100% read that right.  Gnome hunting.  Who doesn’t want to be an amazing gnome-hunter and gain acclaim and glory from literally no one in their venture?  Well, shockingly (or maybe not-so-shockingly), a lot of people do.

In fact, gnome hunting is such a popular sport in this city that you can find pamphlets full of all the gnomes in the city and check them off as you see them.  I mean, you want to spend a seriously worth-while visit?  You’ve only got a weekend to see the sights?  Trust me, incorporating gnome hunting into your visit is going to make the already-enchanting Wrocław seem that much more magical.

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The gnomes were born from an anti-communist movement.  They were the mascot, so to speak, of the Orange Alternative.  In commemoration of this movement, the city began planting gnomes.  This really shows Poland’s progression and break from communism and how much they value their independence.  (I couldn’t remember the full history.  Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Apparently gnome hunting has gained even more popularity since I was there in 2012.  As of 2015, there are over 350 gnomes there (you might need more than a weekend!) and there are even apps you can download on your phone to find them.  Pretty cool, I must say.  If only fancy phones had been a thing for me 6 years ago…

Still do all of the amazing things that Wrocław has to offer.  Hit up all of the churches and museums and historical sights.  It’s well worth it.  And if you see a gnome or two on the way (because you will), it wouldn’t hurt to let yourself follow them just a little.

Does your city have any hidden gems to be found?